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VPS is for discussions of virtual private servers (VPS) and cloud servers in general. A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting provider. It's often used by webmasters who need additional resources and flexibility than shared hosting can provide.

Webhosting : Everything from shell accounts to cloud hosting.

This is a place to discuss everything related to web and cloud hosting. From shared hosting to bare metal servers, and everything in between. Post reviews of your current and past hosts, post questions to the community regarding your needs, or simply offer help to your fellow redditors.

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A community dedicated to Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. You might be interested in Bitcoin if you like cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer systems, or economics. A large percentage of Bitcoin enthusiasts are libertarians, though people of all political philosophies are welcome.

VPS hosting the under 3.50 USD

I have been looking for a VPS and have found the Vultr 3.50 VPS to suit my needs but I am still wondering if their are any other providers that possibly provide 512mb of ram and 10gig ssd or better for the same price range. I primarily plan on using it for webhosting, image and small file hosting. If you have any suggestions for uses of such a machine, feel free to recommend.
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Can't update PHP version with BlueHost VPS hosting

I have BlueHost VPS hosting, and can't find any tutorial on how to update the PHP. Some YouTube tutorial say to go in "MultiPHP Manager" but I ain't seeing this option anywhere
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Ultra-fast Bitcoin-empowered VPS hosting featuring SSD storage, 10 Gbit/s network and free DDoS protection

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VPS hosting temporarily for educational purpose

Hello guys,
I'm looking for a VPS hosting subscription to star playing around with proxmox, ducker and kubernates .. and after that why not installing all the apps that you suggest but on the VPS, again for experiencing before making the step to the self hosted infrastructure. Could you please share some tutorials, blog that explainsmaube how to play with your VPS for various usage. Thanks folks,
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3 best cheap vps hosting recommendation

VPS hosting is a type of hosting suited for people who have outgrown shared hosting. Where multiple sites reside on a single web server with shared hosting, and have no guarantee of resources, VPS allows fewer users to share allocated segments of hard drive space, memory, and processor power.

Best Cheap VPS hosting 2020:

Host price Recommendation
Interserver $6/m Best VPS with technical support
A2hosting $5/m Cheapest vps provider
Cloudways pay as you go Go with them, if you would like to host your site on amazon, google etc.


With interserver, you will get 30 GB ssd storage, 2 gb ram, 1 tb transfer only for $6. Interserver provides root access to your vps, so you can install any script you want, you can do anything you want. You can add cpanel or any kind of hosting control panel easily with interserver vps.


Our second recommendation is a2hosting. A2hos gives 20 gb space, 2 tb transfer and 512 ram only for $5. You can install any operating system you like, you can add cpanel. You will have the option to take their turbo boost feature which will make your site 20x faster.


Cloudways gives an amazing solution to host your site on worlds best server, like google, amazon, digitalocean, linode vultr etc. To host a site on google cloud is not easy like creating website on cpanel hosting. But cloudways makes it easy. Whether you build a wordpress site or any complex custom website, you can host with cloudways.
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Do You Really Need a VPS Hosting? Let’s Checkout

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Buy VPS Hosting from HostingRaja up to 60% off

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Host IT Smart VPS Hosting in India

I recently discovered Host IT Smart. Upon a cursory glance, I found that the company offers some of the most competitive prices. And so, I dug upon it.
Read Now: https://codehabitude.com/host-it-smart-vps-hosting-in-india/
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What is managed VPS Hosting & What are the benefits of Managed VPS Hosting?

I am running a fashion & beauty blog form the last two years, but due to increased traffic & security reasons, I need to switch from Shred Hosting to the VPS Server. When I came across the Managed VPS Server, I found it quite cost-effective, but I don't know much about it. Therefore can someone will help me with the details about Managed VPS Hosting & its benefits?
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VPS hosting

What is VPS hosting?
With a virtual private server, you will have access to a full-fledged virtual server. Using virtualization software, VPS hosting splits a single physical server into several independent virtual servers. The great thing about this technique is that you don't notice any of these servers. With VPS hosting, you manage your own VPS and determine which scripts and features you install on your virtual server. In addition, the virtual private server is fully scaled. This means that you can easily move to a larger private server with more and reliability are our top priority in all our services. Using only reputable leading brands, we can guarantee that your virtual private server will be hosted in a secure mode, so your virtual server will have a secure home. You have come to the right place to get a reliable and secure VPS hosting service. https://gthost.com
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VPS Hosting Setup tutorial in hindi

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Why SSD powered VPS Servers are considered better compared to HDD powered VPS Hosting?

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VPS Hosting for a Wordpress Ecomm Website

I've been wondering if I should change my shared (GoGeek) hosting for my E-commerce website. The website has between 150-200 useday for an average of 3-5 minutes. I tried to decrease my requests and DOM elements but the website still isn't blazing fast and sometimes when the server is over-populated it becomes extremely slow.
My question is if I'd change to cloud or VPS how can I calculate the amount RAM, CPU & Memory neeeded. Moreover, what is the best proven CDN (paid or not), I'm currently using Cloudflare's free sub.
Thanks in advance
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Cheap VPS Hosting Plans | Budget VPS Hosting | Best VPS Server

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VPS Hosting - Cheap VPS Hosting with SSD - Segura Host

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Check out the best deal on VPS Hosting from HostingRaja flat 30% off

Check out the best deal on VPS Hosting from HostingRaja flat 30% off
Check out the best deal on VPS Hosting from HostingRaja flat 30% off. More offers Hosting are waiting for you. To know more about the offers visit -- https://www.hostingraja.in/vps-hosting/
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Cheap VPS Hosting Services | Fast Virtual Servers with SSD Storage

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Spec for my dedicated server for vps hosting.

I want to make a dedicated server machine for my VPS hosting.
Is it okay to use a second-hand old xeon processor?
I want to use a xeon e5430 or xeon l5420, 8GB ram and a 120gb ssd.
I will use the VPSes for multiple gta san andreas multiplayer server hosting, so quite light.
and also I will use KVM and virtualizor.
For this spec I want to make 6 VPS out of it, is it fine?
And is there anything I should know when hosting VPServers to people?
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Absolutely Nightmare experience with VPS Hosting - Over £2000 locked in in and Wordpress e-Commerce Website goes down daily with 1s TTFB on Mobile and 7.5s Load time on Desktop.

Hello, Any help whatsoever from devs very knowledgable about VPS will be greatly appreciated.
Short introduction, Having first paid for a shared hosting package, with Hostinger, I upgraded to a VPS package with that company, details below
VPS Plan 2
CPU Cores2
Total CPU Speed 4.8Ghz
Disk Space40Gb
Before this, I had tried a separate hosting company, TMD Hosting, but not found their plan satisfactory.
The major website of our company is a e-commerce site, and we hosted on this VPS plan. Problems that we are still finding emerged when I switched the website in April of this year to this site.
On top of our main e-commerce website, we were also building a number of alterior websites to host on this server as well. Websites were built in wordpress alone and we did use and do currently use all necessary steps to increase delivery time, (regular caching, gzip, reduce apache server modules where necessary, ensure https to https full encryption, minify css, json, smush, hummingbird plugins and more), but regular downtime persisted with all tricks used.
Advised it may be to do with the server resources from support, and anticipating future issues upon resolution, we paid for the very most expensive VPS plan Hostinger provide detailed below
VPS Plan 6.
CPU Cores8
Total CPU Speed19.2Ghz
Disk Space160Gb
Processor: Intel® Xeon® Silver 4214 Processor
Main Website for our business hosted here: https://drafttogo.co.uk/
I can't attach images, but the website has been going down daily, usually twice daily at 12am midnight, and 4am. Midnight has been when a backup was being made, 4am, for some other reason unidentified.
Whenever the website down, we have daily been having to manually reactivate the website.
First we used Plesk as server manager and it was from here where we had to manually reactivate the website from. At this time we had around 20 active plugins. At time of writing we have 30 active plugins. Around 10 of these are dedicated to making the website load faster than it's regular slow speeds (wp optimise, wp-cache, hummingbird, gzip, google sitemaps, smush, off the top of my head, and more).
TTFB reported from Cloudflare:

Critical Loading Times

Using Cloudflare enhanced performance
Mobile (3G) Desktop (Cable)
Time to First Byte 0.9 s 0.2 s
First Contentful Paint 5.5 s 1.9 s


Performance Scores

PageSpeed Score


YSlow Score


Page Details

Fully Loaded Time


Total Page Size




What's on the website:
If you are familiar with WordPress, we have Divi AND Elementor on the website. And this won't change. However, Elementor is only responsible for the Header (where it makes mobile fully responsive). Of the 30 plugins active, many are to do with the e-commerce offering, SEO, payments gateway integration, marketing and email marketing i.e. everything is necessary.

My Troubleshooting experience.
I have been able to disable all plugins at once (A Divi Feature), and still use the website drafttogo.co.uk, and it has still been painfully slow to work on.
Server Manager Experience.
After beginning with Plesk, I then switched to Cpanel. After no noticeable improvement I switched to ploi.io, after no noticeable difference I have switched again and today VPS 6 is now on Runcloud and VPS 2 is still on Plesk.
Hostinger support I have gone to and they have pointed the finger at slow speeds at Plesk, as they run apparently 'too many virtual servers' in the form of Apache, Nginx, PHP-FPM, Virtuozzo containers, Grafina. However long story short, tinkering and also switching has not improved speeds.
Other Websites.
www.dasharoberts.com is hosted on VPS Plan 2, faster because it is light.
Many other websites we have to build, but backend access is always very slow. Navigating from the backend to the front end for instance is a painful process.
Proposed solution - And my Questions.
We would like to get our money pack from Hostinger for possible on the grounds of false advertising.
Hostinger support suggest changing the VPS to another CPU on their systems, however they have done that previously and backend use on wordpress has been slow after the change.
As noted by them, the VPS 6 offering is similar or better than a Cloud Hosting system, but the results don't show that.
The website is heavy, but no heavier than other websites that run the same software.
For instance this website designer & developer has a website with the same software and decided to spend big and use Vultr VPS hosting combined with Gridpane for a very similar website and get speeds down to 800ms near to him, and also 1.8s worldwide purportedly
About alternative hosting providers, hostinger is one of the top reviewed on hostadvice.com and I don't understand it. One of the points it is positively critiqued for is speed and it has never been fast for me once.
On independent reviews, digitalocean.com, cloud-ways, linode, come top of youtube reviewers comparisons, on review websites they get terrible reviews. I understand you pay for what you get, but it seems like these more expensive sites have bad reviews. Can anyone shed some light? Is the answer to pay for Lightsails or AWS and go through the headache of the huge configuration schemes that don't make sense? Cloud-ways I tried and it was not plug and play by any stretch.
If I am able to get my money back from Hostinger, which has been one of the most stressful and painful experiences of my life, which of linode/digitalocean/vultr is best, or is it all much of a muchness? For Instance.
The Lowest cost of the Dedicated Hosting here is $60/month. It is Dedicated, Yes, Not VPS. But VPS isn't shared, so should be fast.? I believe the difference is Security, not speed.
What makes no sense at least to me, is that it's:
120 GB SSD,
8GB Memory
For My current VPS, I have a greater amount of each of these stats. I have found no information online to explain why the above lower stats would be better, and If I talk to any company, or it seems reviewing site, it seems that they will always give me a biased answer. Please help me, I will be very grateful.
Thank you
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How To Provide Security To Linux VPS Hosting?

How To Provide Security To Linux VPS Hosting?
The default security of Linux VPS hosting plans is pretty good and better than that of most of its competitors, but it still has weaknesses. We know that the only good server is a secure server, and so we’ve pulled together our top tips for securing a Linux VPS server so that you can stop the hackers at the gates before they breach your site and gain access to sensitive data.
These techniques don’t need to take a huge amount of time and effort, but a certain level of administrative experience is required. Let’s get started with protection for cheap Linux VPS hosting plans.
1. Disable root logins
Want a secure VPS? Then you should never log in as the root user.By default, every Linux VPS has “root” as a username, and so hackers try brute force attacks to crack the password and gain access. Disabling logins from the “root” username adds another layer of security, as it stops hackers from simply guessing your user credentials.
Instead of logging in as the root user, you’ll need to create another username and use the “sudo” command to execute root level commands.Be sure to create your non-root user and to give it the appropriate levels of authorization before you disable the “root” account.
2. Change the SSH port
It’s hard for people to hack SSH when they can’t find it. Changing the SSH port number can prevent malicious scripts from directly connecting to the default port. To do this, you’ll need to open up /etc/ssh/sshd_config and to change the appropriate settings. Be sure to double check whether the chosen port number is being used by any other services.
3. Keep your server software updated
It isn’t difficult to update your server’s software.You can even configure the operating system to send yum package update notifications via email. This makes it easy to keep track of what’s changing. And, if you’re happy to automate the task, you can set up a cronjob to apply all available security updates on your behalf.

If you’re using a panel, such as Plesk or cPanel, then you’ll need to update that, too. Most panels can be set to update themselves automatically, and cPanel uses EasyApache for most package updates.
4. Disable unused network ports
Open network ports and unused network services are easy targets for hackers, and you’ll want to protect yourself against exploitation.Use the “netstat” command to see all currently open network ports and their associated services.
Consider setting up “iptables” to close all open ports or using the “chkconfig” command to disable unwanted services. And if you use a firewall like CSF, you can even automate the iptables rules.
5. Remove unwanted modules
It’s unlikely that you’ll need all of the packages and services that came bundled with your Linux distribution. Every service that you remove is one less weakness to worry about, so make sure that you’re only running services that you’re actually using.
For added security, it’s a good idea to partition your disk to keep operating system files away from user files, tmp files and third-party programs.
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Buy VPS hosting at 50% Discount

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Best Vps Hosting For Wordpress

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Best VPS Hosting Services in 2018 - Which Is The Best VPS ... How to Setup a Website on a VPS Server! - YouTube How to Create a Website With VPS Hosting (Complete ... Free vps hosting in Brisbane  CloudRocket Hosting  US ... What is a VPS or Virtual Private Server? - YouTube

VPS-Hosting bietet dedizierte Ressourcen, die den Service schneller machen als Shared-Hosting-Pakete, da sich Benutzer nicht mit den Besuchern anderer Websites auf einem Sever befinden. Auch die Sicherheit wird anders bewertet. Shared Hosting ist aufgrund der hohen Anzahl von Websites etwas weniger sicher als das VPS-Hosting. Kostenloses VPS Hosting war bisher kein kosteneffizientes Geschäftsmodell für die meisten Rechenzentren, die VPS-Pläne als kostenpflichtige Upgrades bei Shared Hosting-Plänen anbieten. Einige Webhosting Unternehmen führen kostenlose VPS-Pläne als Teil von Sonderangeboten für langfristige Verträge ein. Ein weiterer Trend ist es, VPS-Plan-Funktionen in Shared Webhosting Accounts unter ... Our experienced VPS hosting team provides you with the best VPS solutions as well as round-the-clock customer service. Global Network. Our worldwide network of 24 data centers, spanning 5 continents, allow our customers to set up their VPS servers exactly where they benefit them the most. Our Team . We are proud to boast an international team of over 50 employees who make vps.net great ... VPS-Hosting oder Virtual Private Server sind eine Art von Hosting, die Ihnen viele Funktionen eines dedizierten Servers bietet, allerdings ohne zusätzliche Kosten. Jeder Server wird zwischen 5 und 15 Kunden geteilt, wodurch die Kosten dramatisch reduziert werden können. Die Server sind jedoch mit modernster Virtualisierungssoftware ausgestattet, so dass sie ähnlich wie dedizierte Server ... Das Hosting einer Webpräsenz mittels Virtual Private Server setzt im Gegensatz zum Shared Hosting gewisse Grundkenntnisse in der Anwendung voraus. Komplexe Webprojekte, für die kein umfangreiches Budget zur Verfügung steht, die aber dennoch eine individuelle Hosting-Basis bei gleichzeitiger Performance benötigen, sind mit einem VPS bei entsprechend bestehendem Grundlagenwissen besser ...

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Best VPS Hosting Services in 2018 - Which Is The Best VPS ...

What is a VPS (Virtual Private Server) https://www.pickaweb.co.uk/vps/ In this video I explain what a VPS is, who needs a virtual private server and if it is... Join my discord for help: https://discord.gg/zmVT5pE Buy A VPS Here: No Longer Partnered Configured FiveM Server: https://letsupload.co/4aQT3/Mr.Costi_Base_S... To appear on the Internet, a website's files and data must reside on a hosting server. There are several types of hosting technologies, including VPS. Learn ... Looking for a quick, easy way of hosting a website on a VPS host? A virtual private server is particularly quick at serving webpages to users, and usually do... If you want to Get vps hosting in Brisbane you must watch this video! Click on the following link https://shortens.me/s/vps Contact Us: US Toll Free.: +1-855...